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    Matt Wheeler
    Originally from Northern California, Matt has always been about the journey rather than the destination. Matt spent four years at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, studying Education Psychology while also running track and field. Upon graduation, Matt pursued a few months of preschool teaching before deciding he wanted a larger opportunity with more advancement and travel. Matt started his sales and marketing career in Braintree, Massachusetts in 2010. After a few months, Matt moved as part of an expansion team to build an office in Denver, CO. Here, he began learning the fundamentals of business, but also mastered his golf and snowboarding skills. A year later, Matt packed up for Providence, Rhode Island where he fine tuned his abilities in preparation to open his first office in his Charlotte, North Carolina. 
    After ten months in business, and over a half a million in sales, Matt was presented with an opportunity to start another office back in Colorado. Waypoint Consulting was born.

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    Meredith Noulis
    Meredith Noulis is a native of, well, pretty much everywhere. As a military brat, Meredith lived in many different cities but she spent most of her childhood in suburban Washington, D.C. After high school, she moved to Alabama to attend Auburn University where Meredith (aka “Bruiser”) was Vice President and Captain of the Auburn women’s lacrosse team. This is where she learned the fundamentals of coaching – and hitting people with sticks. After spending a summer abroad in Thailand volunteering, Meredith graduated with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies.
    In October of 2011, Meredith accepted an entry-level position with an Atlanta marketing & sales firm, and she was immediately hooked.  While working in "Hot Lanta,” Bruiser gained experience in sales, marketing, leadership and management - simultaneously utilizing her ability to coach, train and watch others achieve their goals. As Waypoint’s Managing Partner, she has exceeded the goals she set for herself and is well on her way to achieving the life she always wanted. In her free time, Meredith stays active and loves to take in all that the Colorado outdoors has to offer. She also still cheers on her Tigers (War Damn Eagle!).

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    Marcie Jetland
    Director of Talent Acquisitions
    Marcie is an Ohio native and proud graduate of THE Ohio State University. She loves Buckeye football and cheering them on to their next National Championship. Marcie began her career in sales upon graduating with a marketing degree.

    Her path took her through business-to-business as well as pharmaceutical and specialty medical sales. Looking for a career overhaul and new adventures, Marcie moved to Denver in March of 2011. Shortly afterward, she began working with Matt as a Business Account Consultant. She was quickly promoted to become one of our top Corporate Trainers and is now our Director of Talent Acquisition. She continues to excel in taking our growing organization to the next level through her innate authenticity, drive and compassion.

    Marcie is one feline short of becoming a crazy cat lady and someday would love to start her own animal sanctuary, travel the world and attend every live music event that her little heart desires.

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    Shelby Flinn
    Head Recruiter
    Shelby Flinn is originally from Greensboro, NC. She joined Waypoint Consulting shortly after graduating from Appalachian State University in May of 2013. Shelby studied Hospitality Management while being an active member of the Appalachian Dance Ensemble. She also served on the executive board of Alpha Phi International Fraternity recruiting members to join the organization.
    Shelby started her career with Waypoint as a Business Account Consultant and moved from Charlotte to Denver with Matt's top sales team. After recently transitioning into the Administrative role, Shelby is ecstatic to help grow the company and build limitless opportunity for every individual that joins our team

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